Wage and Hour Disputes

Wage and Hour Disputes

Have you been paid properly for the hours you are required to work? Do you know your rights under California overtime laws? When employers fail to pay their employees according to the law, those workers have a right to file claims against them.

See our information center on wages and benefits for general information about employment law. Contact a wage and benefits lawyer about your specific situation.

If you have not been paid overtime pay you earned or if you have other wage and hour disputes with your employer, talk to a Southern California overtime laws attorney at Reich, Adell & Cvitan.

  • Overtime Pay: If you are required to work overtime, you should be paid time and a half, or double time after twelve hours. If an employer insists that the time worked is not covered or threatens you with wrongful termination, you need to know your rights.
  • Improper Classification: To avoid overtime pay, some employers will reclassify an employee as a supervisor not entitled to overtime pay. If your job has been reclassified for that purpose, talk to our overtime pay disputes lawyer about what you can do.
  • Lunch Breaks, Rest Periods: Are your lunch breaks and rest periods within the legal requirements of California labor laws? Know the laws and your rights. We can help.
  • Prevailing Wage Laws: If you are a Southern California construction worker, you should be paid according to the prevailing wage for your trade. If your employer is not following the prevailing wage standards, talk to our law firm about the situation.
  • Minimum Wage: If you are not being paid the California minimum wage at your job, talk to a workers’ rights attorney at Reich, Adell & Cvitan.

If you are a victim of unfair pay practices, others at your workplace may have the same problem. Whatever the case – if you are the only one not being paid according to law or there are many of you – talk to a wage and hour claim lawyer who knows the law and who has decades of experience helping people like you.