Election & Campaign Finance Law

Election, Campaign Finance Law

There is nothing straightforward or easy about election and campaign finance law. At law firm, we have advised and represented many people and organizations involved in the election process including political candidates, PACs (Political Action Committees), independent expenditure committees, slate mailer organizations, Democratic political party committees, and major donors.

Is your campaign meeting Federal Election Commission (FEC) and Fair Political Practices Commission requirements? Are you meeting filing requirements and deadlines? Our election law attorneys have helped candidates, donors, and political organizations in a wide range of matters:

  • Ballot Designation Litigation
  • Filing Requirements
  • Candidate Statements
  • Sample Ballot Challenges
  • Initiative Drafting and Circulation
  • Election Recall Drafting
  • Referendum Draft, Qualification, Circulation
  • Campaign Finance
  • Design Communications, Advertisements
  • Defend Defamation Charges
  • Fact-Checking for Political Statements
  • IRS Registration and Compliance
  • Defend FEC Audits
  • Defend Ethics Investigations

For candidates and campaigns, a small mistake can result in a substantial fine and penalty. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of your rights and the law.